Hello Hello! Kelly and I are currently sitting in the mid lodge at Stratton Mountain waiting for our race to begin. It is 11 o’ clock and the first forerunner just left the gate. It has been quite a week so far. Beginning with witnessing a car crash right outside the grocery store we stopped at in Springfield. We proceeded to our motel, and moved in. We’re staying in the annex, complete with “the Electric Lounge,” an arcade/lounge with fogged up windows; and a game room down some wooden steps in an unfinished basement. Tuesday and Wednesday we had GS races, which were beyond fabulous for both of us. We also managed to finally get our phones buzzing, which is something that doesn’t happen often.  While staying in Manchester we got to see the cool cat himself Henry Miles (A Holderness graduate) and dine with him twice. It was lovely to see him. Now we are here still at the Stratton ECUPS waiting to take our runs down the slalom course.

A typical day at a ski race:

6:30 Roll out of bed and head out the door for our morning run through the snow in the cold
6:45 Get dressed, pack our bags
7:00 Hit the snowy road, stop for breakfast along the way
8:00 arrive at the mountain and register
8:30 inspect the course (or on very snowy days, slip it out 4 times, then inspect)
8:45-11:00 take a free run, sit in the lodge, take your race run, sit in the lodge, play cards, eat, do homework?, read a novel, work on blogs
12:30 Inspect for second run
12:45-2:30 take a free run, sit in the lodge, take your race run, get your ass kicked by college girls, sit in the lodge, call your parents and cry, eat more, wait for your team to finish
3:00 leave the mountain
3:30- 5:15 sit on your bed, do homework, tune your skis, go for a run, shower…?
5:30 DINNA
7:00 scrape the wax off your skis
8:30 have an interpretive dance party
9:00 go to bed
Do It all again!!! 

Back in da hoooood of Holderness, Kelly and I are getting our brains back on track. We moved back in last night and spent some time with the bucket...except for celinch the grinch. The story swapping was wonderful. There was fun with balconies, tearing up dance floors, back massages, runs through the woods, and a plethora of other fun adventures we talked about. We woke up this morning and headed out to class in the bitter cold. Getting back in the school mindset proved to be a challenging task, but by the dark block we seemed to be doing alright. The skiing at Cannon was terribly chilly, and required a few stops in the lodge to thaw out between a mix of hop turns, gates, and javelin turns. I discovered the warming effects of dancing on the chairlift when I was showing off the new moves I learned from the 50 year olds at the New Years Eve dance party I attended. Needless to say, my fellow chairmates were thoroughly impressed, and my phalanges warmed right up. 

Tonight the greatest studying playlist on Pandora was discovered:  http://www.pandora.com/#!/stations/play/616341821724716101
check it out for some homework inspiration!!

also, SHOUT OUT TO KAILEIGH LAZZARO who today successfully finished her 17th rotation around the sun!! you go girl, keep it up!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! 2011 is out the door. Say hello to the new year of 2012! You better make it count because this could be our last year to live! Thanks for the heads up Mayans! 

Best memories of the 2011 adventures of Kelly and Elena that we'll never forget
-Skiing Montana March 2011!
-Learning how to fly fish
-The double hug on a walk back.
-The one and only Jordan Camp graduating High School!
-Marching around Boston in silly costumes for Sam Devine's Birthday! 
-Mac Caputi (quarterback of Bowdoin) and Kelly falling in love 
-living in it up in day dorm together!
-the creation of the Kelly and Elena Blog

New Years Resolutions for Elena and Kelly: 
-Get more followers on our blog! 
-Not judge people by first appearances, give everyone a second chance to get to know them (kelly) 
-Learn Chinese
-Learn all the songs in Rent
-Write more letters and journal entries

Every new year is a chance to learn from your mistakes from the previous years and move on. Make this year the best year of your life!