Surpriseto strike or occur to with a sudden feeling of wonder orastonishment, as through unexpectedness: Her beauty surprised me. 

       One of Elena and my favorite thing to do is surprise people. We go out or our way all the time to either scare someone when they come around the corner or drive over to see someone with out notice that we have not seen in a while. Whether we are hiding under hotel beds with guns waiting for the return of our dearly beloved boys (Bobo), making spontaneous appearances at graduations, or showing up unannounced at peoples doorsteps. We do this because we love them, and we want them to know that we are thinking of them even if they aren't reminding us themselves.We show them that we are willing to put in effort even if they aren't because they don't even know what is happening! But I guess no one loves us because no one ever comes and surprises us. 
Happy Fathers Day! I hope everyone gave their dear old dads a call or hug today. I did neither...sorry pops. Love you though! 
The Boston Bruins take the Stanley Cup!
As many of you may know last night marked the first win of the Stanley Cup for the Boston Bruins in 39 years! They played rough, and with the help of there unstoppable
goalie they  took home the Stanley cup. Congratulations goes out to the Bruins! 
       Elena spent the night in the city of Boston watching the game with her Brother and friends. She had a blast routing for her favorite hockey team, the bruins! Meanwhile we spent the whole night sending threatening texts to each other because I decided to route for Vancouver. Lets just say I have a little thing for Canadians. Although in the end who ever wins, wins. 
        Again Congratulations to the Bruins!

Just finished up a pilates class with several 50 year old women, and a 60 year old male instructor. It was my goal to make more friends at home this summer, but I was hoping they'd be closer to my age group. Nevertheless I will take what I can get, and we had a rockin' time at pilates. 

Kelly in the mean time was taking her drivers license test this morning. The anxiety in the Dinaps household was palpable last night. Everyone had their minds on Kelly's driving test. Big Vin and Kel went to practice parallel parking and in the process set off car alarms, got yelled at by some rednecks, and hit some curbs! But her test today was a success. Kelly Dinapoli is now licensed to kill!

Congrats chris on being a pal, and landing a gal! 
        The two of us have spent the past four days in Vermont. Weather report, rain. What is there to do on a rainy day in Vermont? Well slim to nothing, but we managed to find something, because only boring people get bored. 
        On saturday we woke up to rain, and created our blog. After that we went and played tennis in the indoor courts at Jackson Gore. We played an intense game filled with laughter and grunting. Elena took a couple spills but survived...barely. We then left from there and went to Java Babas where we discovered Wat-AAH. Which you readers should know plenty about by now. Later in the evening we road-tripped it up to Rut-vegas where we enjoyed the comedy The Hangover II. The movie was nothing special, basically the same as the first just in a city that did not speak English. 
          On Sunday we took a stroll up the backside of Okemo. It started down pouring on us. We were almost washed away down the mountain, but we stayed strong and fought through it. We reached the top drenched, cold, but still brave enough to climb the fire tower. At the top the wind was howling and all we could see was the gray mist around us. We made it down safely to the parking lot where our driver Vinnie was waiting for us. We hopped in the car and turned on the heat to get our bodies back to a normal temperature. When we arrived back at my house Elena and I hopped right into the hot tub! The hot water made us feel right back to normal after our hike.
           Monday we woke up late skipped breakfast and went right to lunch. We drove down to manchester where we shopped till we dropped. We even had a pleasant run-in with Francis Miles a member of our insane English class at school this year. Francis is a specail character whose favorite quote happens to be, "life is like riding a fox." Shopping was exhausting to say the least. 
        Then came Tuesday...our last day together. Elena and I came up with the decision that even though it was raining, yet again, we had to jump into the lake. Lets just say, we were in for a rude awakening coming out of the water.  The water happened to be warmer than the air! Once we got out we dried off and ran back up to the house. For the rest of the day we enjoyed it by watching the Pretty Little Liars marathon snuggled up on the couch! A if your out there, please tell me who you are! 
         Overall the two of us had a joyous weekend full of laughter, cloudy skies and the company of two best friends. 

making frog looking pancakes.
elena taking a dip on this bright sunny day
Baking cookies!
Saying a sad goodbye after a wonderful weekend together!
Out on a lunch date at Java Babas recently, Kelly and I stumbled upon WAT-AAHs. A new brand of bottled water. WAT-AAH has four labels. Energy: which has vapor distilled water and oxygen since oxygen increases energy; Brain: which contains vapor distilled water and electrolytes to help stimulate your mind; Bones: containing water and mercury to strengthen ya bones; and lastly Body which is pure spring water because bodies need wataah!
WAT-AAH was created as the first suga free drink aimed at kids to help fight child obesity. YAY! Kelly tried brain because..well that probably goes without saying, and I settled for body, because it is bathing suit season. "Defense" will be coming out soon with immune boosting zinc to send germs away in fear! Try it, we highly recommend it.



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This morning we awoke to rainy skies, and proceeded downstairs to make some cinnamon rolls, after an exciting night last night. We roadtripped it over to WUHS graduation to see our blog dedicatee Mister Jordan Camp graduate! Hooray! It was a truly joyous occasion to say the least. We were joined by Cole Phillips and Ian Ford <3 on a beautiful friday night blue sky, 70 degrees, and many green and white gowns and caps. After we accomanied our graduate home where we dined with his family and experienced his dad's famous BBQ  sauce on pulled pork, and it surpassed our high expectations! We returned to the DiNapoli residence happy and safe, besides Elena's lost phone..sorry mom.