Last week during Thanksgiving break Kelly and I headed out to Colorado with the Holderness Ski Team to hit the trails. We arrived in Denver on sunday and hung around the Denver International Airport (which we will probably never do again #DIAconspiracy), then after some skillful and strategic planning we fit all 48 bags into two vans! It was quite a feat. The drive from Denver to Keystone was beautiful and fun, but we ran into some more challenges when we couldn't find our condos. After some exploration, the girls found ourselves in our luxurious new home for the week. Our condo had 3 floors, a HUGE tv, and a hot tub. The boys on the other hand weren't so lucky in their one floor, two bedroom, one bathroom condo...with raccoons lingering outside. After about an hour of chaos and unnecessary confusion, we all found beds for ourselves. The next morning we headed out to Loveland for our first day of skiing. We had a blast being back on snow, despite the overwhelming amount of people we had to avoid. On the ride home we all hopped out of the van when we reached the continental divide, but when we returned to the van we saw that we were locked out! Luckily we were with two mastermind coaches (shout out to Jeff and Moody) who had us back inside it in no time.

The skiing was a blast. We started off at Loveland the first two days, then headed on over to A Basin. It was BEAUTIFUL there, and the snow was great. For thanksgiving we booted up in the living room and walked across the street to ski at Keystone. We bombarded down the mountain all day and had a wonderful time. It was extremely crowded though! Friday we went to Copper for some gate training. The new $4 million trail was superb. The snow was excellent, and it was fun to be back in gates, no matter how short the course was.

We enjoyed nice Apres ski everyday. You would often find us in the hot tub after dinner creating new bonds with eachother, and blossoming friendships. We also enjoyed galavanting around the Keystone Village, riding bulls, eating beaver tails, and finding $300 neckies. For thanksgiving dinner we headed to the Red MountainGrill for the Turkey Special...I had pizza. We all got twitters over the trip so follow our tweets!

Saturday, as we set off for our thanksgiving break, Kelly and I stopped by the boys Varsity soccer game at Tilton against Wheeler. Their victory brought them to finals. The game was very exciting, Will Marvin with his never failing stellar saves was on a role. Although, the boys lost in there Championship game, Matthew Gudas scored a fabulous left footed volley. BUT ALSO the most exciting thing about going to the soccer game was that our trio was reunited when Jordan Camp showed up!  We had some quality Pop Sci reviewing, and lots of catching up. Camper we're your biggest fans. 

For our last games of the season the Holderness teams made the three hour journey down to the sea for a visit with the sea wolves. Although it was a fun filled day, the sea wolves came out on top, reclaiming the Tabor day trophy. All was well though, because the biggest win of all was being held up by James and Oliver at the bonfire (we missed you Jesse...). The bonfire proved to be a great success, full of color, laughter, and a splattering of other emotions, as well as paint. Tabor day left us full of spirit as we wrapped up our wonderful Fall. It seems that it's time to put away the rakes, pumpkins, and jugs of cider, and take out the skis, hot chocolate, and shovels. 

7:15 wake up to the song "Good Day" by Nappy Roots 
7:45 BREAKFAST....most important meal of the day!
8:15 CLASSES start! ew. 
11:40 LUNCH....each of us ate 3 brownies. yummy yum thanks Larry! 
12:05 head to the library to do some tutoring for the less intelligent...
3:05 classes are out and we vigorously change for our girls varsity soccer practice! PTP-HGS!
5:15 walk back to dorms.......not on the path....in the woods...
in the mean time sing songs, dance, creep out AP... change into DINNA CLOTHES 
6:00 Dinner...hello no dress code tonight! thanks d-wayne! 
7:15-8:30 read the scrip of the winter play with Connor Smith and Lily Ford...Yes Lily it did get a little heated in one part. 
8:30-9:30 school concert, EMILY YOU ARE A GODDESS! 
for the rest of the evening star dancing....what is that you ask...try it! Grab someones hand and swirl under the stars. shout out to Oliver Lowe! 

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Upcoming events: 
Sarah Bell's Birthday sweet seventeen! 
Tabor Day...seawolf is going down. 
Colorado trip!...missing thanksgiving with our familes :( 

stay tuned for way better blog posts written by elena...because lets face it shes a way better writer than I am!