It has been a lovely vacation thus far! I came home from Sunday River and went to my pal Sam Devine's house for some competitive ping pong, snow person making, tree decorating, doctors visits, and food. Then I headed home and lounged around with the fam. The cousins came over for the annual lobsta dinna on christmas eve for my papa's birthday, and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care. I saw my mother kissing santa clause underneath the mistletoe...that was weird. But christmas was delightful. After opening presents we trekked through the woods to our cousins' condo and opened presents with them. After a short hike, we went over to the mac shack on Squam for a family gathering. The next couple days I have been skiing all around, even doing some night training. Last night I was introduced to the pleasures of Super Smash Bros...life changing. 

Nicki DiNapoli Enjoying her Christmas Breakfast
The Holidays are big in the DiNapoli family! They are filled with activity after activity. Christmas went by in the blink of an eye. It all started Christmas eve with a late afternoon church service. We DiNapoli's got in our best dress and went and watched as the kids performed the service as they do every year. After that we came back and feasted on a great meal. After dinner we continued our Christmas eve rituals by opening one gift picked from under the tree! I got a sweet flannel Carhart shirt, Thanks mom! Once everyone got settled down it was time for bed. As expected we woke up really early to open our presents! Thank you santa for all the gifts! Another annual event is to go skiing after opening presents in the morning. The whole fam geared up and we set out for the slopes! Christmas was awesome and full of fun spirts and laughter! Although I am still looking for this remote controlled helicopter that Santa didn't bring me... 

xoxo tata for now 


Who is this Meredith Bird character you may ask? It is I.
Meredith Bird.
Famous for my skills in cartography, squirrel mating calls, and flagpole sitting, I have been asked to make a guest appearance on the Kelly and Elena blog. I have decided that the best way to do this is in the form of an interview. So here it goes:
Meredith Bird: So I feel like I've been hearing your name everywhere recently due to your rising fame in the national wicker basket making association. Did this sudden success and world recognition come as a surprise to you?
Meredith Bird: Not really, I always knew that I would be famous. 
MB: Cool
MB: yeah
MB: well folks that about wraps up today's program

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happy kwanzaa!
These past weeks have marked an awesome exhilarating time for Elena and me. After three days of battling our exams the kitchen staff at Holderness treated us to a wonderful Holiday Dinner (see photos below). At the dinner, Elena casually sported footie pajamas, while I wore a simple dress and a halo to symbolize the angel in me. As the dinner came to an end it was time to say goodbye and happy holidays to all our fellow classmates and depart for break! This is when the real fun kicked in.... we made a journey back to Vermont for some fun days of skiing and important Christmas activities that needed attention. This was the perfect thing to do to get some holiday cheer inside of us! As said flawlessly in the movie Elf "the best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" Without a doubt we channeled our inner elf. We made paper snowflakes to hang around the house, sang Christmas song after Christmas song, went christmas shopping, watched Christmas movies, and even made Christmas cookies! Needless to say we are so ready for December 25th!!!! Although for the four days we were busy skiing and getting ready for the holiday, we took some time to visit the one and only Jordan Camp. We spent a relaxing afternoon catching up on our lives. It was heartbreaking to leave him again but we will all be reunited hopefully soon. This all abrubtly came to an end because it was time for us to re-enter the ski racing world, with  an Eastern Cup series at Sunday River, Maine. Although the skiing part was okay, but the real fun was after. We went out for dinners, watched Glee and learned to interpretive dance to dub-step. After four long days of racing, we went our separate ways to spend the holidays with our family. We'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year! Catch you later in 2012!!! 

Christmas Dinner (Kelly in dark blue dress)
Elena Bird and Treat Hardy at Christmas Dinner
For the past week skiing's been rough due to the lack of snow, but we made due with some stellar workouts. On wednesday we went skating, which was a BLAST! Then followed it up with yoga. We finally got out on the slopes today. Cannon's trails were a bit rough but we had a lovely time being out there. Out on the slopes we discovered that our ski coach knows our type in men very well. So boys if you wanna know if your our type please ask Jake Manseau! 

From Dodgeball, to Powderpuff, to Grinch suits, we had an eventful weekend! It started off saturday afternoon with a stellar game of speedball with the Holderness Eastern Ski team. We then all filed into the basketball courts to watch our boy Sully in his first Holderness basketball game. Needless to say, he was a star on the court and got a rousing applause and cheering when he stepped into play. Elena got to go out with Jory and Clark for dinner and catch up with the world traveler himself. In the evening, Elena participated in open mic night where she sang and original piece by her and Charlie Williams. The one and only Emily Soderberg sang harmony. We then went up to dodgeball. Despite the rice and music provided by the Green Ginger Garden team, victory was not in our grasp. Will Marvin's team took the win. Have fun in the limo...any of you looking for a prom date? 
Today we participated in Powderpuff football. We were a tough match for the senior girls who were certain they were going to demolish us. But we scored the first TWO touchdowns. The score was back and forth the whole game but due to a series of unfortunate mistakes we lost by one touchdown. Well played seniors. Later, we took a trip to Walmart where Elena pushed me around in a cart as we both sported Grinch onesies. Quality sunday at Holderness. Keep it real everybody!