7:15 wake up to the song "Good Day" by Nappy Roots 
7:45 BREAKFAST....most important meal of the day!
8:15 CLASSES start! ew. 
11:40 LUNCH....each of us ate 3 brownies. yummy yum thanks Larry! 
12:05 head to the library to do some tutoring for the less intelligent...
3:05 classes are out and we vigorously change for our girls varsity soccer practice! PTP-HGS!
5:15 walk back to dorms.......not on the path....in the woods...
in the mean time sing songs, dance, creep out AP... change into DINNA CLOTHES 
6:00 Dinner...hello no dress code tonight! thanks d-wayne! 
7:15-8:30 read the scrip of the winter play with Connor Smith and Lily Ford...Yes Lily it did get a little heated in one part. 
8:30-9:30 school concert, EMILY YOU ARE A GODDESS! 
for the rest of the evening star dancing....what is that you ask...try it! Grab someones hand and swirl under the stars. shout out to Oliver Lowe! 

Check these out: 


Upcoming events: 
Sarah Bell's Birthday sweet seventeen! 
Tabor Day...seawolf is going down. 
Colorado trip!...missing thanksgiving with our familes :( 

stay tuned for way better blog posts written by elena...because lets face it shes a way better writer than I am! 

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