From Dodgeball, to Powderpuff, to Grinch suits, we had an eventful weekend! It started off saturday afternoon with a stellar game of speedball with the Holderness Eastern Ski team. We then all filed into the basketball courts to watch our boy Sully in his first Holderness basketball game. Needless to say, he was a star on the court and got a rousing applause and cheering when he stepped into play. Elena got to go out with Jory and Clark for dinner and catch up with the world traveler himself. In the evening, Elena participated in open mic night where she sang and original piece by her and Charlie Williams. The one and only Emily Soderberg sang harmony. We then went up to dodgeball. Despite the rice and music provided by the Green Ginger Garden team, victory was not in our grasp. Will Marvin's team took the win. Have fun in the limo...any of you looking for a prom date? 
Today we participated in Powderpuff football. We were a tough match for the senior girls who were certain they were going to demolish us. But we scored the first TWO touchdowns. The score was back and forth the whole game but due to a series of unfortunate mistakes we lost by one touchdown. Well played seniors. Later, we took a trip to Walmart where Elena pushed me around in a cart as we both sported Grinch onesies. Quality sunday at Holderness. Keep it real everybody!

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