Just finished up a pilates class with several 50 year old women, and a 60 year old male instructor. It was my goal to make more friends at home this summer, but I was hoping they'd be closer to my age group. Nevertheless I will take what I can get, and we had a rockin' time at pilates. 

Kelly in the mean time was taking her drivers license test this morning. The anxiety in the Dinaps household was palpable last night. Everyone had their minds on Kelly's driving test. Big Vin and Kel went to practice parallel parking and in the process set off car alarms, got yelled at by some rednecks, and hit some curbs! But her test today was a success. Kelly Dinapoli is now licensed to kill!

6/18/2011 07:10:51 am

no plowing? thats my favorite move!


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