"Summer was fun...that's the only adjective I can think of to describe it." -Kelly Anne DiNapoli
In the midst of skiing, learning to play harmonica, working, boating, hiking, and copious amounts of eating, Kelly and I found little time to blog this summer. Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. 

Soo this summer I had the pleasure of being in the Colorado rockies for a month. I learned that ants taste like lemon drops, and found the holy grail. Excitment!

Back in the home land of Vermont Kelly enjoyed most of her summer soaking up the sun on the lake with hot college boys, working at the ultimate snack shack (with their famous lobster rolls), and learning what NOT to do when you go camping. For about two weeks in the middle of July Kelly was out in British Colombia   skiing and exploring the great village of Whistler. Kelly did not want to leave because of all the hot boys and now she is planning to move there this summer.

All and all for both of us, the summer of 2011 was one we will never forget. 

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