Out on a lunch date at Java Babas recently, Kelly and I stumbled upon WAT-AAHs. A new brand of bottled water. WAT-AAH has four labels. Energy: which has vapor distilled water and oxygen since oxygen increases energy; Brain: which contains vapor distilled water and electrolytes to help stimulate your mind; Bones: containing water and mercury to strengthen ya bones; and lastly Body which is pure spring water because bodies need wataah!
WAT-AAH was created as the first suga free drink aimed at kids to help fight child obesity. YAY! Kelly tried brain because..well that probably goes without saying, and I settled for body, because it is bathing suit season. "Defense" will be coming out soon with immune boosting zinc to send germs away in fear! Try it, we highly recommend it.
6/13/2011 12:08:00 pm

camper probably drinks a lot of body water


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