HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! 2011 is out the door. Say hello to the new year of 2012! You better make it count because this could be our last year to live! Thanks for the heads up Mayans! 

Best memories of the 2011 adventures of Kelly and Elena that we'll never forget
-Skiing Montana March 2011!
-Learning how to fly fish
-The double hug on a walk back.
-The one and only Jordan Camp graduating High School!
-Marching around Boston in silly costumes for Sam Devine's Birthday! 
-Mac Caputi (quarterback of Bowdoin) and Kelly falling in love 
-living in it up in day dorm together!
-the creation of the Kelly and Elena Blog

New Years Resolutions for Elena and Kelly: 
-Get more followers on our blog! 
-Not judge people by first appearances, give everyone a second chance to get to know them (kelly) 
-Learn Chinese
-Learn all the songs in Rent
-Write more letters and journal entries

Every new year is a chance to learn from your mistakes from the previous years and move on. Make this year the best year of your life!


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