Tomorrow I'll be heading off to live in the Colorado Rockies for a month. No phone, no internet, just the mountains. Its a breath of fresh air. Three other girls will share the wagon with me and theres 17 wagons total. Every day I'll set out for a 2 mile to 30 miles of hiking.Reaching a 16 thousand foot summit is truly a glorious feeling. But even better than that is that at Wagon world (also known as GTE) costumes are a regular attire meaning the tie dye onsie will be getting its fair share of use. hurrah! I'll drive from Denver to Estes Park tomorrow and if I am lucky, "Despicable Me" will be part of the entertainment for the voyage. Tonight Im spending the night with my pal Morgan at su casa. We have been having a rad time packing bags to a Taylor Swift playlist. Unfortunately my escapade into the mountains means I won't be able to blog for a month. Kel-dawg will be in charge...look out world. Over and out! 

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