Back in da hoooood of Holderness, Kelly and I are getting our brains back on track. We moved back in last night and spent some time with the bucket...except for celinch the grinch. The story swapping was wonderful. There was fun with balconies, tearing up dance floors, back massages, runs through the woods, and a plethora of other fun adventures we talked about. We woke up this morning and headed out to class in the bitter cold. Getting back in the school mindset proved to be a challenging task, but by the dark block we seemed to be doing alright. The skiing at Cannon was terribly chilly, and required a few stops in the lodge to thaw out between a mix of hop turns, gates, and javelin turns. I discovered the warming effects of dancing on the chairlift when I was showing off the new moves I learned from the 50 year olds at the New Years Eve dance party I attended. Needless to say, my fellow chairmates were thoroughly impressed, and my phalanges warmed right up. 

Tonight the greatest studying playlist on Pandora was discovered:  http://www.pandora.com/#!/stations/play/616341821724716101
check it out for some homework inspiration!!

also, SHOUT OUT TO KAILEIGH LAZZARO who today successfully finished her 17th rotation around the sun!! you go girl, keep it up!

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