It has been a lovely vacation thus far! I came home from Sunday River and went to my pal Sam Devine's house for some competitive ping pong, snow person making, tree decorating, doctors visits, and food. Then I headed home and lounged around with the fam. The cousins came over for the annual lobsta dinna on christmas eve for my papa's birthday, and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care. I saw my mother kissing santa clause underneath the mistletoe...that was weird. But christmas was delightful. After opening presents we trekked through the woods to our cousins' condo and opened presents with them. After a short hike, we went over to the mac shack on Squam for a family gathering. The next couple days I have been skiing all around, even doing some night training. Last night I was introduced to the pleasures of Super Smash Bros...life changing. 

Nicki DiNapoli Enjoying her Christmas Breakfast
The Holidays are big in the DiNapoli family! They are filled with activity after activity. Christmas went by in the blink of an eye. It all started Christmas eve with a late afternoon church service. We DiNapoli's got in our best dress and went and watched as the kids performed the service as they do every year. After that we came back and feasted on a great meal. After dinner we continued our Christmas eve rituals by opening one gift picked from under the tree! I got a sweet flannel Carhart shirt, Thanks mom! Once everyone got settled down it was time for bed. As expected we woke up really early to open our presents! Thank you santa for all the gifts! Another annual event is to go skiing after opening presents in the morning. The whole fam geared up and we set out for the slopes! Christmas was awesome and full of fun spirts and laughter! Although I am still looking for this remote controlled helicopter that Santa didn't bring me... 

xoxo tata for now 

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