Today I woke up at the lovely hour 9:34, with six minutes to be in Hagerman. The farthest school building away. I rolled groggily out of bed then hastily threw on a dress. My adrenaline was running high as I whipped out my retainers and put a piece of gum in my mouth to counteract the morning breath. I was a mess, and you could plainly see it as I stumbled out the door with my backpack half zipped thrown over my shoulder. I took off running. My legs burned as I passed Weld. Time was running short when I passed Webster and Niles. I knew I only had one minute to get to class. I dug deep to find that inner strength to pull me through. Finally, I threw open the Hagerman doors and trampled down the steps. I barged into the enviro room, and was ready for class. This afternoon, Elena and I had a soccer game. We played Exeter...and lost 4-1. But we ran a lot, it was good.

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